Most big corporate companies have scheduled deliveries – in most cases we can deliver as soon as you call. Our ability to deliver to any customer at any time is what makes us stand out from our competition. Gas Pro Propane and Welding Supply Company is here to service all customers no matter how big or how small.

We also make and repair hoses for all propane, acetylene and oxygen applications. We carry a full line of industrial gases such as Acetylene, Oxygen, Helium, Argon Propane and many others. Additionally we carry a full line of welding supplies including torches, welding helmets, tools, safety gear, welding rods and much more. If there is a part, torch, gas or piece of equipment related to the welding and propane industry and we do not stock it, we will locate, order and stock the item(s) specifically for you.

So whether you need a large high pressure tank for welding or a barbeque tank for grilling Gas Pro Propane and Welding Supply Company is open and ready to help.

  • Gases

    • Acetylene
    • Nitrogen
    • Argon
    • Argon/CO2
    • Nitrus Oxide Plus
    • Argon
    • Oxygen
    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Propane
    • Helium
  • Welding Supplies

    • Torches
    • Tips
    • Mig
    • Tig
    • Hoses
    • Welding rods
    • Tools
    • Gloves
    • Welding Jackets
    • Welding Helmets
    • Safety Gear
    • Safety Glasses
    • Regulators
    • Heaters
    • Gauges
    • Regulators
    • Chemicals